Addiction and Abuse

Substance Abuse and Addiction

Substance abuse and other addictions can have devastating consequences for both the people who struggle with addiction(s) and their family members and friends who seem unable to help. Someone suffering from an addiction – whether it be to alcohol and/or drugs, gambling, sex/relationships/pornography, the internet, or many other addictions – is caught in a painful trap that could eventually destroy everything improtant to them.

A skilled and trained counsellor, working in conjunction with other resources and multidisciplinary team members, can form a trusting and therapeutic relationship with person(s) suffering addictions. They can assist the individual and their family in dealing with such issues as denial, cravings, recovery, relationship repair, relapse prevention, spirituality, and eventual freedom from addiction.
At Associates Counselling, we have skilled counsellors to help make sense of the addictive process, and to help people move towards recovery.

Sexual Abuse

Sexual abuse can be defined as sexual contacts or interactions between an individual victim and the perpetrator, when the victim is being used for sexual stimulation of the perpetrator (or another person) when the perpetrator is in a position of power or control over the victim.

Sexual abuse survival involves healing the past abuse. No matter what type of sexual abuse (whether incest or by a stranger) or how tragic its consequences, acceptance of the past is vital to not only surviving, but to overcoming. Typical responses may include self-blame, trying to ignore it or pretend it didn’t happen, being distant, isolating yourself, becoming aloof, or being excessively outgoing to cover up the hurt and shame.

If you are a sexual abuse survivor and its after-affects still adversely affect your life, a trained counsellor can help you address present-day symptoms and move beyond the past.

Counsellors with this Specialty

We are proud to offer a diverse and experienced team of counsellors. Whether you require the services of a psychologist or social worker, we have someone ready to help.

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