Peak Performance

Peak Performance

Whether you are looking to excel in everyday life or training for peak performance in your sport or occupation, performance psychology can help you to improve your skills to help you become the best that you can be.

Performance psychology focuses on the psychological factors that enable individuals, teams and groups to reach their goals for success. Although performance psychology is often associated with high performance sport, it is also applied to performance in business, education, relationships, performing arts, fitness/health issues, or any other domain with a performance component.

Performance psychology aims to facilitate the development of mental and emotional skills, attitudes, strategies and processes that lead to optimal performance and the management of pressure under stressful situations. Many strategies and procedures are used to address peak performance. Some of the principal areas include:

Cognitive and behavioral skills training for performance enhancement:

Goal setting, imagery and performance planning, concentration and attention control strategies, development of self-confidence, self-esteem and competence, self-regulation techniques, emotion management and leadership skills.

Counselling and clinical interventions:

Motivation, depression, anxiety, over-training and burnout, grief, injury and rehabilitation, identity crises, career transitions.

Sports Psychology

The key to success in most sports is the mental aspect – confidence, focus, motivation. This is most apparent at the highest levels. In competition, the athletes’ skill level is usually and relatively on par with each other. The difference is confidence and with it, the ability to focus and concentrate. A poor performance, an injury, or outside stressors/events can often erode confidence of even the most successful athletes.

Mental imagery and visualization are key tools that an accomplished clinician can utilize and teach the athlete to make the best use of their skills that they possibly can. A clinician can also help the athlete manage emotions, manage the stress of competition, and give the athlete the opportunity to perform at their peak performance level – a self-perception to combine confidence, competence and motivation.

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