Donella Scott

Registered Psychologist

It is very important for people seeking counselling to have information about the therapist they might see. I am pleased to be able to provide that information.

I am a clinical psychologist who has been in practice for over twenty five years. I believe counselling is about creating a relationship where the individual feels feels encouraged to identify what they want to achieve in counselling. My job is to provide tools and strategies to help my clients to reach their goals. I am direct and honest with individuals.

It is essential for me to maintain a strong connection to the natural world. I have dogs and train my pooches in dog sports so we get outside every day if only for a walk. Those dogs and walks makes me a better psychologist. I understand that despite our bests efforts, life does not always go the way we planned. I believe it helps to pack a sense of humour for this journey. My non-dog fun times includes family and friends, music and travel. At home I generally have my nose in a book and a dog at my side. These are my most peaceful moments.

How I Can Help You

It’s my goal to create a comfortable, safe environment, where we’ll work to achieve the goal together

Anxiety, Depression, Stress

Many of us struggle with feelings of sadness, overwhelming fears, or a desire for relief. This can make it hard to handle… Learn More

Grief and Loss

Life transitions are hard, whether related to a loss of a loved one or a shift in career, it can feel incredibly painful adjusting to the new… Learn More

First Responders, Military

Serving as a law enforcement and first responder is one of the most important and rewarding ways you can serve the public in a meaningful way. It can also be very stressful… Learn More

Couples and Relationships

Despite the high rate of marriage/common-law, few people have been given the tools to repair and renew their most important relationships… Learn More

Trauma and PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a condition that follows an event whereby a person perceives there may have been some serious risk of harm to them, or someone… Learn More

Addiction and Abuse

Substance abuse and other addictions can have devastating consequences. People who struggle with addiction(s) struggle with their realtionships with family members... Learn More

Credentials and Experience

It’s my goal to create a comfortable, safe environment, where we’ll work to achieve the goal together


  • Masters of Science: Clinical Psychology
  • Registered Psychologist: College of Alberta Psychologists
  • Bachelor of Education: Secondary Education
  • Qualified as an Expert Witness Court of Queens Bench: Assessment of Personality, Domestic Violence, and Parenting Assessments.


Before going into private practice I worked for Alberta Social Services and Community Health. In both the public and private sectors, I provided services to both Harbour House, and Lethbridge Family Services as a therapist and a group facilitator.

I was a founding member of the Domestic Violence Action Team with the Lethbridge City Police Service. In my work I continue to rely on cognitive behavioural therapy as a set of reliable and validated skills. I encourage the development of mindful technqiues as my clients are often struggling with mood and numerous factors may be important including chronic pain, work, marriage, divorce.

I have extensive experience working with members of the RCMP, Canadian Forces, and Veterans and first responders and members of their family.

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