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Associates’ Counselling Services has an exemplary standard in providing the utmost quality of services to individuals, couples, families, and groups in need of therapy within the community. We strive to provide service that is congruent and caring, quality counselling to help you.

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Counselling Services

It is our goal to create a comfortable, safe environment where we’ll work together to achieve your goals.

Anxiety, Depression, Stress

Many of us struggle with feelings of sadness, overwhelming fears, or a desire for relief. This can make it hard to handle… Learn More

Grief and Loss

Life transitions are hard, whether related to a loss of a loved one or a shift in career, it can feel incredibly painful adjusting to the new… Learn More

Anger Management

Sometimes, we have days that seem to be filled with nothing but opportunities to get angry. Strong emotions are simply our body’s way… Learn More

Couples and Relationships

Despite the high rate of marriage/common-law, few people have been given the tools to repair and renew their most important relationships… Learn More

Children and Teens

Being a teenager or a youth in today’s world can be extremely overwhelming. Feelings of loneliness, fear, and the pressure to be “enough”… Learn More

Addiction and Abuse

Substance abuse and other addictions can have devastating consequences. People who struggle with addiction(s) struggle with their realtionships with family members... Learn More

First Responders, Military

Serving as a law enforcement and first responder is one of the most important and rewarding ways you can serve the public in a meaningful way. It can also be very stressful… Learn More

Trauma and PTSD

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a condition that follows an event whereby a person perceives there may have been some serious risk of harm to them, or someone… Learn More

Peak Performance

Whether you are looking to excel in everyday life or training for peak performance in your sport or occupation, performance psychology can help you to... Learn More

In Need of Counselling?

We have a dedicated team of Masters/Doctorate level clinicians to offer counselling services within the city of Lethbridge. Our clinicians come with experience to offer specialized services in anxiety, depression, stress, relationship counselling, PTSD, grief/bereavement, stress management, anxiety/panic attacks, family therapy, substance abuse & addiction, physical/sexual abuse, child/youth issues, and much more.

Common Questions

What will happen during sessions?
In the first session, the reasons that you have decided to come for counselling will be discussed, as well as background information and setting of some initial goals. In subsequent sessions, the thoughts, feelings, and behaviours that continue to be problematic will be discussed. Ways to cope better, feel better and deal with problems more effectively over the long-term will be addressed, and your goals will continue to be reviewed and changed as needed over time.
How am I suppose to open up to a stranger ?
The thought of walking into a room with someone you have never met and talking about close and personal aspects of your life, thoughts and feelings, seems like the last thing you want to do. There are some of you that this will be a lot easier to do than others.

Some people actually find it easier to talk to someone who is not in their day to day life. Knowing that we are there to give you our full attention, compassion and acceptance can make it easier than talking to people you know.


I have never accessed counselling services before. How do I set up an appointment?
Taking the first step towards counselling can be a daunting but courageous one. At Associates Counselling, we try to make that process as comfortable as possible. We do not require a referral from a doctor or outside source. Call the office to speak with our administrative team and an intake will be completed over the phone. Our team will help to direct you to who would be the most appropriate and helpful for your particular needs, and can answer any questions that may arise.
How many sessions will it take?

The amount of sessions a client may require truly depends on their personal situation, and individual needs. While some clients only need one or two sessions, research suggests that the average person may need 4 to 8 sessions in order to reach their counselling goals.

It is typical during the beginning of therapy for people to come more often, once a week or every two weeks, and then progressively space their appointments out longer as time goes on. The frequency of sessions may lessen over time, and clients may only come in as needed.

Whatever your counselling goals are, we are here to support you through your journey to overall better mental health.


Do people become dependent on their therapist?

We usually have people in our lives that are important to us for all sorts of reasons. We have friends, doctors, dentists, car mechanics, etc. in our lives who we count on for things that we need. So why does having a therapist bring up fears of dependency for so many people?

One possibility is that it is terrifying to be ‘known’. What we mean is the prospect of someone seeing and experiencing those aspects of our self that we carry shame around. At the same time there may be a longing to be connected and understood. So we can end up with this internal struggle that is very ambivalent about connecting with a therapist who is trained to connect with us in a deep and meaningful way.

For many of us the attachment process (our ability to connect with and feel safe with people) has been disrupted. For some this means they want to avoid any attachment as it is dangerous and unpleasant. For these folks they have disconnected from their need for attachment and are ‘going it alone’ in the world. They tend to avoid being known because they are afraid it will be used against them.

Then there are folks who want to connect but don’t believe they can have what they want. They have had the rug pulled out from under them too many times and expect that people will leave and not be there for them. These folks fear of loss and abandonment fuels their need to hold on to any connection. In a different way they protect themselves from being known AND attempt to control the connection.

As your therapist we are interested in paying attention to you and ‘knowing’ you.

How do I know that this will work for me?
Everyone is different. However, when you feel comfortable with your therapist, and the right treatment approaches are used, there is a very good chance that you will see improvement. All of our staff have a great deal of experience helping their clients to develop trust and to feel comfortable with the process of counselling.

Help Resources

Relationship Dynamics – Video and Text

Relationship Dynamics – Video and Text

We all have dynamics in our relationship. I think it becomes the point of when you may want to look into it if the dynamics result in a loss of balance, and it’s creating a lot of conflict in the relationship. That’s where a therapist can help you go deeper and try to identify what those dynamics are and learn how to work on them.

Post-Traumatic COVID Stress

Post-Traumatic COVID Stress

Many people have felt the emotional and physical toll the coronavirus has created. Learn how COVID-related trauma affects people and how to cope.